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Everyone, the spam isn’t over.

/b/ is planning to keep spamming, and they’re taking it to a personal level. Be super careful when tagging your selfies!!!

4chan confirmed for literal Shit

this is terrifying please take caution

if someone does this to you DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO THEM. dont post about, dont say anything that would hint to the fact that you know about it.
write down the post url, the blog url, the photo link, and any other information you have.
then take it directly to the police.
they can get arrested for defemation/slander, harassment, sexual harassment, and even pedophilia if youre a minor.
if they know you know theyll likely delete it before anything can be done.
someone did this to me when i was 14, by a 43 year old man from 4chan, and he edited it so i appeared to be nude and performing oral sex, and he was arrested for it.
once one of them gets arrested/in legal trouble theyll all stop.

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Anonymous asked:

Sorry if this bothers you, but as much add I hate 4chan, they aren't committing cyber terrorism. They're not actually plotting viruses in the system. They're just spamming the tags.

Hey anon! No it doesn’t bother me at all. Though you do know that they are hacking into popular blogs and posting these triggering pictures as well as taking pictures of users,regardless of age, and putting them onto various porn videos? And please read the full screenshot. It even states and I quote “Cyberterrorism can be also defined as the intentional use of computer, networks, and public internet to cause destruction and harm for personal objectives. Objectives may be political or ideological since this is a form of terrorism." By that definition all of what these 4chan users are doing can be considered cyberterrorism.




I realise this is shittiest thing to post on your Independence Day but now you can see why I would fail in an American school

This has seven hundred notes and it’s basically out of my control now but omg this is the Canadian grading scale

THIS is the American grading scale. As you can see, it is completely and utterly designed to make students feel like they are failures. If you think you’d do terribly in Canada, just try and deal with the grades in America. Personally, I’d be thrilled with the Canadian grading system.

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Hey 4Chan. Do you mind reading that out for me? Because I’m not sure it’s clear enough. Oh wait. Now I get it. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING HERE ON TUMBLR. CYBER. TERRORISM. So I sincerely hope you enjoy having a record with the FBI And for any of you wondering, 4Chan has decided for quite literally shit and giggles to raid all of the here on tumblr with the intent to cause mass panic attacks across the board using triggering content such as extreme real life gore, rape images, animal cruelty, etc. So please guys avoid the tags for now and REPORT THIS SHIT TO THE OFFICIALS IF YOU KNOW HOW.
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